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Computes Gower distance between characters from a phylogenetic data matrix.


get_gower_dist(x, numeric = FALSE)



A phylogenetic data matrix in Nexus (.nex) format, or in any other data frame or matrix format with a column for each character and terminal taxa as rows, which will be read using The data cannot include polymorphisms.


Whether to treat the values contained in the x as numeric or categorical. If FALSE (default), features will be considered categorical; if TRUE, they will be considered numeric.


This function uses code adapted from StatMatch::gower.dist() written by Marcello D'Orazio.


The Gower distance matrix.

See also

vignette("char-part") for the use of this function as part of an analysis pipeline.


# See vignette("char-part") for how to use this
# function as part of an analysis pipeline

# Load example phylogenetic data matrix

# Create distance matrix
Dmatrix <- get_gower_dist(characters)

# Reading data matrix as numeric data
Dmatrix <- get_gower_dist(characters, numeric = TRUE)
#> Warning: NAs introduced by coercion; some values could not be converted to numbers.